Digital Waste Tracking: Preparing for New Legislation

Digital Waste Tracking - Wasteify

In 2018, The UK Government, led by Theresa May released it’s 25 year Environmental Plan. The plan addresses several Environmentally important topics, but in a nutshell: “Its goals are simple: cleaner air and water; plants and animals which are thriving; and a cleaner, greener country for us all” (Theresa May, Foreword from the Prime Minister, […]

Waste Transfer Note: What is a waste transfer note and why do they matter?

An image of a waste transfer note

What is a Waste Transfer Note?  Alright, think of a Waste Transfer Note as a paper trail for your rubbish. It’s a form you fill out when you’re getting rid of waste, whether it’s at home or from your business. This note tracks where your waste goes and how it’s dealt with. Why Should You […]

5 benefits of a paperless proof of delivery system that you might not expect

Proof of delivery

As ‘contactless’ services continue to gain momentum owing to the pandemic, electronic proof of delivery software will become a critical element in last-mile delivery tracking. Customer expectations are changing the landscape and redefining how organisations function and deliver goods and services.  With the advanced capabilities of today’s mobile devices, logistics companies can leverage solutions that […]