Removing your paper based processes

Asset and Plant Inspection Software

Ensure your plant and business assets and tools are safe to use before allowing your workforce to use them in the field. 

Let your employees capture condition reports, at the source using their mobile device. 

Receive live, real-time reports and analytics to improve productivity and compliance.

Manage your assets, tools, plant and more with our easy to use software and app

Asset inspection software - mock up

Compliant with

An easy to use, agile process for all asset and plant inspections.

Create your assets

Whether you're a construction company using plant and tools in the field, or a Gas Engineer with hundreds of boilers to service, create asset types for uniformed inspection checklists.

Create inspection regimes

Whether the legislation asks for a daily pre use inspection, or you want to maintain your IT assets monthly, Crate will notify you when it's time for your assets and plant to be inspected.

Assign assets to groups

Assign assets to groups and regimes, to ensure all of your business assets are inspected in the same way for all business or customer assets. Assign a unique identification method, using either serial numbers, QR codes or NFC tags.

Assign assets to sites and customers

Using GPS, track your assets last known locations, so you always have a live stocktake of what's in your stores or out on site. 

Asset inspected and in good working order

Track costs and asset depreciation

Crate allows you to record repair costs and also notifies you of the depreciating cost of your assets, giving you insight to plan ahead for asset replacements.

Manage and store documentation

Upload and store important documentation against your assets so your workforce can view them in the field, reducing the requirement for printing certificates and service records.

Track repairs and maintenance tasks

Assets will always come across issues and defects. Once you know about a defect, notify your workshop teams and assign them tasks to ensure assets are made safe or removed from use. 

Plant inspection

Inspect your assets

Good working order, Defected but safe to use, Defected and must not be used.

Pre delivery & End of hire inspections

Whether you're a plant hire company or an mechanic, record the condition of your assets before they're used by customers, or installed on customer sites. You can then compare once the asset or item has been returned and address any concerns in condition changes instantly. 

Comply with regulations

Your workforce will be notified via their mobile dashboard about the condition for all of the assets in their location, meaning they'll never miss a weekly PUWER or Fire point inspection again.

Scrren depicting Crate's plant and asset inspection software

Say goodbye to paper inspections and ensure your assets are inspected correctly in the field.

We saved one customer an estimated £750,000 in one year. Download our report to find out how.

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Empower Your Employees To Use Live Data

You’re already recording the data, so why not remove all of the waste that goes with it? Empower your workforce to use apps in the field. 

Live asset dashboarding

No more waiting for paper inspections to be submitted or filling out messy, unaudited spreadsheets. 

Asset inspection Dashboard for Crate

Plant inspection submissions

Once your assets have been inspected, results and PDF's can be automatically emailed to you, reducing asset downtime and increasing business productivity.

email submissions for asset inspections by Crate

Track plant locations

Capture your inspection locations every time an asset is inspected, giving you real-time updates, allowing you to monitor the movement of your assets across your business or customer sites.

Location with pin for asset inspections

No More Paper

Paper records are costly & risky, and a terrible waste of trees. Remove & reduce your storage facilities. No more piles of boxes of tickets.


Task Management

Assign tasks to operators, so they can fix assets or close out any possible defected items. Track the progress of jobs in our easy to use dashboards in real time. 

Task assignment