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Designed for small fleet operators.

Digital waste tracking for small waste carriers

A change in regulation

From April 2025 all waste carriers will need to track their waste movements, digitally.

Introducing Wasteify.

Wasteify is designed for independent waste carriers to record their waste collections digitally, ready for April 2025.

Digital waste tracking for small waste carriers
Digital waste tracking for small waste carriers

Integrate with DEFRAs Portal

Users will create a new waste transfer record on our app, connecting to the DEFRA website where your collection will be issued with a unique Tracking ID

Easy to use mobile application

Capture the relevant information required for your collection

Capture any photo's or signatures and save your ticket.

Digital waste tracking for small waste carriers
Digital Waste Tracking - Wasteify

No more paper

The waste producer will be issued with a digital waste transfer record, with a tracking ID to follow the waste movements journey

From collection to delivery, track with ease

When you arrive at the waste delivery site, your tracking ID will be cross referenced resulting in a complete tracking event for the lifecycle of your waste collection.

Digital Waste Tracking - Wasteify

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The only app for digital waste tracking for small fleet operators. 

Get to know the new regulations.


All waste collections will be assigned a unique Tracking ID registered on a centralised DEFRA portal. All collections are to be registered individually by waste carriers within 3 days of a collection occurring. The Tracking ID will then be cross referenced by a consolidation centre when the waste collections have been delivered. Thus resulting in complete visibility from cradle to grave of a waste material collection to delivery.

All  waste producers, carriers, and disposal/treatment facilities across the UK. The initial responsibility focusses on carriers and disposal/ consolidation sites.

The new laws are to help in reducing illegal dumping, promote responsible waste management and increase the rates of re-use and recycling.

There will be a free website that is provided by DEFRA, more information can be found here:  As with all free platforms, there will be limitations that usually decrease operational functionality. There are several software businesses that offer waste management products. SaaS businesses use cloud based software to record drivers activities using a smartphone.

No, individual waste tracking records will not be required for each household collection. Records will be necessary at the point of consolidation, when the waste is received at a waste receiving site, regardless of whether a charge is made for the collection.

Under the new regulations, there will be a single process for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The waste producer will remain responsible for providing an accurate description of their waste, but the person arranging the waste movement will be responsible for generating the digital waste tracking record.

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