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Material and waste management software
Fleet management software

Digitise your daily waste and material operations with Crate. 

Crate helps companies working with waste reduce costs, reduce risk exposure, improve compliance and  work more productively. Crate has forms to cater for all your needs whether you’re a project team recording your site movements, or you’re a haulier managing your drivers daily tasks. 

Crate takes care of the administrative tasks so you can concentrate on growing your business

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Empowering & Supporting Businesses

Our features

Whether you're a Civil Engineering company looking to record your material deliveries/ waste collections or a recycling company recording your drivers tasks as they collect various waste streams from customers.  Crate can be used by hauliers/ drivers or by project teams without a fleet of vehicles. 

Fleet management

Manage your fleet of vehicles.
Ensure your drivers inspect their vehicles before starting their work day. Manage any defects and assign work to your drivers

Material & waste

Whether you collect waste, or deliver heavy machinery. You can record all of your business material and vehicle transactions. From waste transfer to fuel deliveries, Crate has you covered.

Your Data Crate

MyDataCrate is our easy-to-use webapp containing all of your data. Create customers and projects, create locations and assign materials. Ensure your fully compliant with regulations

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Agile workflows for all of your materials and waste needs, regardless of operations and industry

We’re from a civil engineering background. We’ve seen the operational activities from both the haulier side, and the project side. Therefore, we decided to build Crate to cater for all eventualities. Whether you’re a producer, carrier or a broker, Crate will capture your material and waste data and store it in YourDataCrate. All you have to do is login, download and distribute. 

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Our average financial saving per customer, installing Crate after 1 year

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Material movements recorded in the last 12 months alone

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Tailored software solutions for your unique business operations

Choose one of the below that best describes your business set-up and operations

Ensure your fleet is in roadworthy condition, by using our daily walk-around vehicle check to record any defected vehicles. Then once your fleet is ready to go, assign workload to your drivers so they can complete their daily tasks with minimal input.


Crate can be used by gatekeepers, traffic marshal’s or project team members to record all collections & deliveries from your desired location. From waste transfer notes, to general collections and deliveries. Crate can capture all of your on & off site material and HGV movements.

Use Crate to capture your business operations. Give your drivers schedules and work loads, and allow your projects to issue collection & delivery receipts, all whilst meeting industry regulations.


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Carbon Footprint - In Real Time

Trusted on some of the biggest projects in London, for material and waste management. Each material transaction receives real-time carbon reporting, giving you insights into your environmental impact

Reduce risk and overheads by going digital

Managing materials and vehicles exposes you, your employees and your business to risk. By introducing software to record your waste transactions and vehicle checks, you’re reducing the risk exposure, whilst also harnessing real time data, removing laborious time consuming paper trails, saving you time and money.

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Reduction in administration time/ costs

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Happier Customers, Employees & Directors

Empower your employees to use live data

You’re already recording the data, so why not remove all of the waste that goes with it? 

Empower your workforce to use Crates user friendly mobile app in the field.

View all of your data in YOUR DataCrate 

My Data Crate

Data-driven decision-making

Track vehicles and materials in real-time giving you complete control over your operations.

Invoice quicker

Once your waste is collected or your aggregates delivered, you no longer need to wait to raise invoices. Invoice as soon as a load has been complete, reducing time to invoice by over 90%.

Carbon Calculator

We only have one planet. Understanding how much carbon you use in the 21st Century is paramount. Every vehicle trip recorded on Crate gives you a live carbon output so you can track your emissions.

No more paper

Paper records are costly & risky, and a terrible waste of trees. Remove & reduce your storage facilities. No more piles of boxes of tickets.


Driver / Task Management

Assign workloads to your drivers and track their statuses in real-time using GPS. Reduce the risk of mistakes by auto-populating tickets for your workforce

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