Removing your paper based processes

Fleet management software

for companies working with waste and construction materials

Manage your vehicle and driver information in one place with our fleet management software designed to meet the diverse, company-specific requirements of your industry. Make data-driven decisions, improve maintenance efficiency and eliminate downtime with real-time reporting and powerful analytics. Take your fleet management operation to the next level with  Crate.

Construction | Demolition | Earthworks | Groundworks | Utilities | Recycling | Skip Hire | Environmental | Fenestration | Waste Management

Empowering & supporting businesses

Manage your fleet with our agile fleet management software

Crate is designed to be used by companies working with waste and construction materials. Whether you're assigning work to your drivers or ensuring your fleet is being inspected on a daily basis before your drivers carry out their workloads, Crate can help you digitise.

  • Fleet management

    Reduce the time that your vehicles are off the road by seeing your full fleet overview and status on Crate

  • Driver task management

    Assign workloads to your vehicles and allow drivers to check into vehicles, completing the vehicles scheduled workloads

  • Fleet carbon reporting

    Monitor in real-time your carbon footprint when using Crate to manage your drivers daily tasks

  • DVSA compliant

    Our Inspections have been checked by the DVSA and confirmed as compliant

  • Alerts & notifications

    Get notified as soon as a defect is raised against one of your fleets vehicles

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Fleet management software for waste, construction and material management

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