Removing your paper based processes

Waste transfer notes without the waste

Digitise your waste movements with Crate’s Waste Transfer Notes. From muck away to bulk liquids, choose Crate for complete visibility of your offsite and onsite movements. Whether you run a fleet of tipper lorries performing construction waste away activities, or own a facility that has to dispose of waste materials, Crate can help you record your waste movements.

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Empowering & Supporting Businesses

It's time to scrap your outdated paper waste transfer notes

Are you ready for mandatory digital waste tracking?

DEFRA has finally announced, that by April 2025 - all waste records will have to be recorded using a digital system. Paper tickets will no longer be a viable form of recording important waste transactions. All parties involved in recording the movement of waste materials will have to comply with the updated regulations/ legislation. Do you want to be left behind?

Our waste transfer notes can be captured by either drivers, or project team members, which below best describes your operations?

Ensure your fleet is roadworthy, before assigning workloads to your drivers, or letting them complete their own tickets as they go. From waste transfer tickets to fuel delivery. 

Crate can be used by gatekeepers, traffic marshalls or project team members to record all collections & deliveries from your desired location. From waste transfer notes, to general collections &

Use Crate to capture your business operations. Give your drivers schedules and work loads, and allow your projects to issue collection & delivery receipts, all whilst meeting industry regulations.

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Paper waste transfer notes are slow, expensive and risky

reduce manual handling and speed up data delivery

The handling points of a paper waste transfer note

The handling points of a digital waste transfer note

Save upwards of £25K per year by digitising your waste transfer notes

Let us know how many waste transfer notes your business completes on a daily basis, and we'll send you a free estimate as to how much you could save by digitising your waste records, with Crate

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Scrap your inefficiencies

Our waste transfer notes automatically capture all of the below information, so all you need to do is capture signatures and any relevant photographs

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Reduction in administration time/ costs

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Happier Customers, Employees & Directors

Empower your employees to use live data

You’re already recording the data, so why not remove all of the waste that goes with it? Empower your workforce to use apps in the field. 

Live daily site and buisness load totals

No more waiting for your tickets to be typed onto the computer before you know your daily totals.

Email ticket submissions

Once your waste is collected or delivered, your waste transfer note can be automatically emailed to your customers, reducing time to invoice and increasing customer satisfaction

Carbon Calculator

We only have one planet. Understanding how much carbon you use in the 21st Century is paramount. Every vehicle trip recorded on Crate gives you a live carbon output so you can track your emissions.

No more paper

Paper records are costly & risky, and a terrible waste of trees. Remove & reduce your storage facilities. No more piles of boxes of tickets.


Driver / Task Management

Assign workloads to your drivers and track their statuses in real-time using GPS. Reduce the risk of mistakes by auto-populating tickets for your workforce

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