Removing your paper based processes

Daily vehicle walk around check and defect management

Make sure your fleet is roadworthy with our well designed DVSA compliant vehicle walk around check/ vehicle inspection app

We use unique technology to ensure your drivers have physically walked around their vehicle before starting their shift, capturing the condition and recording any elements that may require attention to make the vehicle roadworthy. 

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Prove your drivers walk around their vehicles

Crate uses unique technology, forcing your drivers to walk around their vehicles during their daily vehicle walk around check, maintaining a high standard of compliance against UK legislation. Ensuring your fleet is as safe and as productive as it can be.

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Get notified as soon as one of your vehicles records a defect

Notifications are pushed to your workshop teams and transport/ fleet managers so parts can be ordered, or repairs scheduled. Reducing downtime for your vehicles, reducing the potential loss of earnings for your business. Get the most out of your drivers daily walk around vehicle check

Say goodbye to the pigeon hole and
hello to dashboards and real time notifications

Our easy to use driver app

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Compliance management for commercial vehicles

Unlike a traditional defect books or inspection sheets, Crate empowers drivers to conduct pre-use checks digitally and physically walk around their vehicles. All repair and maintenance work for serviceable defects can be planned, scheduled and tracked quicker, with full details stored indefinitely for reporting and compliance.

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Most other providers on the market, just use a basic form. You can capture the defect, but there's nothing to prove the driver actually walked around their vehicle, meaning they could complete the inspection sitting in the cab. With Crate, a driver has to walk-around their vehicle or they can't physically carry out an inspection. You'll then see this as an uninspected vehicle on your dashboard.