5 benefits of a paperless proof of delivery system that you might not expect

Proof of delivery

As ‘contactless’ services continue to gain momentum owing to the pandemic, electronic proof of delivery software will become a critical element in last-mile delivery tracking. Customer expectations are changing the landscape and redefining how organisations function and deliver goods and services. 

With the advanced capabilities of today’s mobile devices, logistics companies can leverage solutions that meet endless, constantly changing customer expectations at the moment of delivery. Using the GPS, camera and barcode scanning capabilities that already exist in mobile devices, your business can provide the real-time status and delivery confirmation that today’s consumers demand.

Additionally, there are many benefits that an electronic proof of delivery solution provides that can drastically improve key performance indicators in every logistics operation, including the following:

1. Instant access to real-time data

An electronic proof of delivery solution provides real-time visibility of driver and package location, proof of delivery information, and operational updates that include accident reporting. For example, if a driver has an accident in the field, accident protocols can be automatically triggered, improving outcomes with specific regards to employee safety, insurance reporting, legal notifications, crisis management, etc.

2. Customisable workflows

An electronic proof of delivery solution guides your drivers through a consistent delivery process under varying conditions. For example, most often a signature is sufficient for proof of delivery. However, some deliveries have additional requirements, i.e., the restricted delivery of certain legal documents. The ability to prompt the courier to request to see an ID with the signature in a case like this drastically increases compliance.

3. Fewer customer disputes 

Customer disputes can be time-consuming for your staff and costly for your business. Paper forms are time-consuming to complete, which often leads to inconsistencies in the data captured by individual drivers as well as readability of their handwriting. By providing drop-down lists for certain fields on an electronic form, you can control what values are allowed for those fields allowing for better reporting and analytics.

4. Enhanced customer experience 

Consumers have a wide range of buying options available right at their fingertips, which creates a cycle of increasingly higher expectations. Companies who offer a reliable, personalised experience are those earning the lion’s share of their audience’s loyalty. Electronic POD systems offer a service that is key to customer retention. For example, a courier can increase engagement with each sender and recipient through personalised shipment notifications, tracking and post-delivery communication. 

5. How is electronic proof of delivery used?

Paperless proof of delivery solutions can be used to enable greater driver efficiency, high-level services and scaled growth by supporting: 

  • Simpler daily tasks from step-by-step processes for drivers to less internal paperwork 
  • Real-time visibility that helps manage expectations proactively
  • Enhanced communication with automated updates, notifications and post-delivery ePOD
  • Easier, faster invoicing with total accuracy, limiting financial risk

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